Event Programme

Society of Strange & Ancient Instruments - Sound House

Event No: 44

Tuesday 6 June, 19.30 - Brilliant & entertaining early music group

Venue: St. Andrew's Church, Grinton

Jon Banks - santouri, gothic harp, percussion

Jean Kelly - gothic bray harp, triple harp

Alison McGillivray - violone, viola bastarda

Clare Salaman - tromba marina, nyckelharpa

Jon Nicholls - sound designer and composer

Terence Wilton - narrator

Inspired by Francis Bacon's investigations into the magical properties of sound, The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments presents music of the seventeenth century played on extraordinary instruments within an intriguing modern context. Devised and created by Clare Salaman. 

"A wondrous journey through a realm of unimaginable sonic possibilities...enthralling...vibrant, carefree virtuosity." Early Music Today.

"The SSAI has forged a reputation for being one of our finest exponents of early music. They enchant and amaze in equal measure." The Musician.

Adult £16, under 25 £3.

Generously supported by Margaret McCord and Pat Anderson. 


Still undecided? Watch SSAI here